Electrical mishaps are the most common problems in every household and business premises in Cambria Heights, NY. It is very tempting to deal with electric problems by yourself rather than wait for a professional, but that is not advisable. Some electric issues require immediate attention, especially those that put you and your family at risk of safety hazards. In such circumstances, you need to call in an emergency electrician.

At Absolute Electrical Service Inc., we offer 24/7 emergency electrical services to commercial, industrial and residential owners in Cambria Heights, NY, without the need for any prior appointment. Our electricians can advise or fix any urgent electrical problem that requires professional intervention at competitive prices.

When to Call an Emergency Electrician in Cambria Heights, NY

Electrical problems cannot be ignored and require immediate attention. Never take chances with an electric problem, and it is better to call professional emergency electricians and be safe than sorry. Some of the signs that show it is the right time to get an emergency electrical service include:

1. Exposed Wires or Damaged Cables

If you see any exposed electrical wires around your property, you need to contact a local emergency electrician. Keep everyone away from these wires, and do not attempt to handle the issue independently. It is advisable to shut off the power from the main switch to be safe before the professionals arrive.

2. Buzzing Sounds From a Breaker Box

Any sound coming from your breaker box should not be viewed as normal. Humming or buzzing sounds are normally an indication that your circuit breaker could be faulty or you have poor wiring. When problems originating from circuit breakers are ignored, they could expose a property to a wide variety of electrical failures. You should leave this electrical emergency to a professional and leave the guesswork to your local electrician.

3. Submerged Electrical Panel

Every property owner panics and worries about electrocution after a major water leak or flood. A damaged electrical panel sitting in water could lead to other electrical problems and cause property damage. Given the dangers associated with damaged cables sitting in water, switching off your electrical system is advisable before an emergency electrician comes in for assessment. Emergency electricians are always on standby for emergency electrical repairs during these times.

4. Burning Smells

If you experience an unidentified burning or smoke smell coming from your electric system, you should treat it as an electrical emergency. The scent normally resembles a burning plastic, indicating that you have damaged wires. If left unchecked, this electrical problem could lead to a fire.

The first thing you need to do before calling your local emergency electrician is switch off your mains. Your emergency electrician will check for underlying issues causing your wires to melt before making any electrical repair. You are also advised to contact the fire department to rule off imminent fires.

5. Overloaded Outlets

Do your in-home outlets remove sparks when plugging in appliances or have brown or blacked spots around them? That could be a sign that they are overloading. This problem should not be ignored as it puts your family in potential danger of getting an electrical shock. Avoid bigger problems by calling a qualified electrician.

6. Power Loss or Flickering Lights

You can lose power due to several reasons. If there is no major power blackout in your area, you need to find out the cause of the power loss. Additionally, you should not ignore when lights flicker regularly, or every time you plug in some appliances. Emergency electricians are well equipped to locate the source of the problem in such situations and handle the problems safely.

Advantages of Calling a Licensed Electrician During Electrical Emergencies

1. Safety

The number one goal of a professional emergency electrician is to ensure their clients’ safety during an electrical emergency. You may think you can save a few bucks by handling electrical issues yourself, but you are putting yourself and your family at risk.

Even the slightest error when handling electrical problems could mean fire, electrocution, and in worst cases, death. Hiring an emergency electrical service not only ensures your safety but also assures you that the job will be handled professionally and done correctly.

2. Instant response

Many electricians dealing with emergency electrical issues are available on a 24/7 basis. This means that you can call a qualified electrician to handle your electrical problems any day of the week, night time or daytime. Calling a licensed electrician will guarantee an instant response, which can save your property and even life.

3. Save money

Electrical problems cannot be ignored. If not given immediate attention, some electrical faults can cause more damage in the long run, forcing you to spend more on electrical repairs and installations. Hiring a professional electrician means spending extra on an emergency electrician cost and getting the problem fixed immediately and helps you save money from costly repairs.

4. No downtime

Electricity plays a great role in ensuring the smooth running of operations at home or in a business. Business owners especially know that time is of the essence, and they cannot afford to lose precious time because of electrical power loss. Stopping business operations due to emergency electrical issues can lead to a loss of revenue. Emergency electricians understand the importance of fixing electric problems quickly, and they work well under pressure to ensure their clients resume their normal operations in no time.

Why Choose Absolute Electrical Service INC. For Your Electrical Emergencies

At Absolute Electrical Service Inc., we have been offering commercial and residential property owners in Cambria Heights, NY with emergency electrical services since 1994. We have licensed and insured emergency electricians whose main concern is our clients’ safety. They are experienced and well equipped to handle emergency electrical repairs, alterations, and installations at all times. We offer an upfront, honest pricing estimate which guarantees satisfied customers. Our electricians are always on schedule and provide a fast turnaround time to ensure your power system is up and running in no time.

Do you have an electrical emergency? We have emergency electricians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can reach them on 718-229-9300. You can also visit us for more information about electrical emergencies.